The Other Side Project

HomePro Expo


Project Details

Category : Home appliances & furnishings / Client : HomePro / Agency : BBDO Bangkok / February, 2013Associate CD / Art Director : Apichai InthutsinghAwards : Adfest Awards 2013/Silver Awards Outdoor : Clio Awards 2013 / Gold Awards Outdoor : Spike Asia Awards / Bronze Awards Outdoor : Ad star Korea / GrandprixOctober 2013

Project Description


HomePro is one of the largest household hardware stores in Thailand. Every year its main advertising media is a poster and sign-board with one-side benefit. After expired, the government destroys these sign-boards. So why not make them worth more than just advertisements?


Knowing that many Thais fix their shelters with sign-boards, we dedicated the other side of the sign-board to making their lives better. On one side of the board is the printed advert, while on the other side, the board is outfitted with nice wallpaper and fixtures such as shelves, hangers, and lights.

When the campaign is over, people can take these signs home and use them to remodel their homes. Thus, the sign-boards have become even more useful and given Thais the hope to have a better life.

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