Hygiene Bleach -Removes Stains Fast

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Project Details

Brand name : I.p. Trading Thailand Product: Hygiene Color Bleach Agency : McCann Bangkok Country : ThailandAssociate CD / Art Director : Apichai InthutsinghAwards : Clio Awards 2011 Out of Home Posters Silver Spikes Asia 2010 Outdoor Bronze Adfest Awards Silver Awards OutdoorOctober 2014

Project Description


An excellent billboard campaign was produced by Mcann Bangkok few years back. I’m surprised it hasn’t surfaced our blog earlier. As can be seen from example photographs below, advertised color bleach removes stains pretty fast! From a distance, it appears there is a stain on the clothes, but as one comes closer, the stain magically disappears.

Fortunately, this optical illusion effect can be easily reproduced online. Just follow these simple steps:

1. Check the thumbnail of the stained vest on your right: the stain is obvious, there is no point to argue about that. Further away you move from your monitor, the stain becomes more obvious.

2. On the other hand, if you approached it real close, the stain disappears. Higher res photo below might serve as better example than the thumbnail.

What I’ve found even more astonishing is that you don’t need to move your ass of the chair at all for this effect to work – simply concentrate on the stain for a while, and it will immediately vanish! Now how about that for an illusion! I think the effect in place is the same one Ariel used throughout their stain-remover campaign – it’s called Troxler’s Fading. Few more similar examples can be found inside our #color_adapting category!

To show the product’s efficacy, we created these Ads and placed them around the moving walkways and general walkways. The stains were created using visual illusion. Consumers can see the stains from a distance but when they come closer these stains will magically disappear. As they come closer, they can read the message “Hygiene Color Bleach. Removes Stains Fast.” – McCann Worldgroup




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