Dentiste’ Toothpaste: Morning Love

Branding TVC Commercial

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Project Details

Category : Pharmaceutical & medical / Client : Dentiste / Agency : BBDO Proximity, Thailand / Production : Phenomena Bangkok / 19 May, 2013Associate CD / Art Director : Apichai InthutsinghAwards : Bronze Award Adfest Awards 2014Visit Website

Project Description


From 2008 to-date the divorce trend in Thailand shows no sign of slowing, while the marriage rate continues to drop. In 2010, the number of marriages was 285,944, and the number of divorces was 108,842.


The main concept of this BBDO Proximity Thailand campaign is to create and maintain long-lasting relationships, urging lovers to show their love every single morning.

The Dentiste’ Toothpaste spot features various ways of expressing love in the morning to start a meaningful day.

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