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The traditional craftsmanship, unique patterns, and unceasingly development at an international level as well as quality standards that take the feeling of users into consideration and practical uses are our philosophies. Making a flawless luxury hammock without thinking about how it affects users’ pleasure feeling is good-for-nothing. For this reason, you can feel the happiness every time you relax in our hammock.


132 years of  Thailand Hammock

In 1834 during the reign of King Rama III, Lt.Col Phra Phichaidetudom the earliest ancestor of the Junlasukhon, the surname conferred by the king, moved from “Saint Francis Xavier” area in Bangkhen and settled in Songphinong District of Suphanburi Province. This was when the history of the Songphinong’s Hammock began. Mr. Yang Sangkharat, the first-level descendant had made his hammock in 1883 and the knowledge has been passed on from generation to generation to Miss Ruenkaew Sangkharat, the present descendent. To this day the family has still been weaving high quality seamless hammocks that combine comfort and durability.




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