Anabiosis- a life on Paper



Anabiosis is a pictorial artwork based on the polychrome paper computing technology. In this work, human touch gives the printed butterfly a color. Adalbert Seitz (1860-1938), an Entomologist of Germany, has edited “The Macrolepidoptera of the World”, 16 part series of lithograph of butterflies and moths from the world. The butterflies created by Seitz, has a presence and beauty as if they are alive. Anabiosis is developed to give a dynamic aesthetics to a beautiful butterfly Seitz has drawn on paper. By touching a butterfly on a piece of paper, this gives a feeling of a resurrection by parting a life of human into a butterfly.


The vision of our work is to fuse computer with existing printing techniques such as Ukiyo-e, calligraphy and lithography. By using existing printing techniques with paper computing technology, previous know-hows can be blended into the materiality of paper. We must remember that paper relates to many cultures, and have been playing an important role more than just as a recording media. When the paper gets the character connecting to computer seamlessly, a fascinating work which holds another beauty, will be generated.



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Kohei Tsuji, Hisakazu Hada, Akira Wakita

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